Hair Services

Always fresh and never run of the mill, our hair care experts have trained extensively to deliver designer cuts, treatments, and styling services that are customized to your needs. The Elements of Style Hair Salon team continues to perfect their skills, and we give our stylists the freedom to fully express their artistry. This provides our guests with the opportunity to enjoy the best hair services in Eldersburg.

To maintain our stylists’ growth and longevity at this salon, we use a level system for our pricing. These levels are based on the demand of the stylist.

Hair Services      
ServicesLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 4aLevel 4aa
Women's Hair Cut & Style$42$46$50$54$58$62
Men's Hair Cut$33$34$35$36$37$38
Child's Hair Cut - Under 10$28$30$32$34$36$38
Bang Trim$15$15$15$15$15$15
Beard / Mustache$13$13$13$13$13$13
Special Occasion (no cut)$75$75$75$75$75$75
Flat or Curl / Hot Rollers$17$17$17$17$17$17
Acidic Bonding Concentrate$20$20$20$20$20$20
Deluxe Acidic Bonding Concentrate$27$27$27$27$27$27
Pre Art Treatment$17$17$17$17$17$17
Superfood Treatment$25$25$25$25$25$25
Color Fanatic Treatment$20$20$20$20$20$20
Color $55$59$65$70$76$79
Additional Formula$17$17$17$17$17$17
Corrective ColorConsult Required
Full Foil - 31+ Foils$102$109$117$124$131$138
Full Foil / Cut$144$155$167$178$189$196
Illumination Full$102$109$117$124$131$137
Partial Foil - 11-30 Foils$65$71$77$83$89$95
Partial Foil / Cut$107$117$127$137$147$157
Illumination Partial$67$72$79$83$89$95
Accent Foils 10 or less$51$54$60$66$72$78
Accent Foils / Cut$90$100$110$120$130$140
Camo Color$35$35$35$35$35$35
Eyebrow Color$10$11$12$13$14$15
Full Perm, 31+ Rods$87$97$107$117$127$137
Spiral Perm$117$127$137$147$157$167
Keratin Full Treatment$350$350$350$350$350$350
Keratin Express$175$175$175$175$175$175
Heat Cure Treatment$30$30$30$30$30$30

Level System
We have a price level system in our salon. The service price is based on the demand that our service providers have earned on their time. Each service provider has attended Elements of Style Associate Program, which is similar to getting a master’s degree in our profession. The level price menu is to create a longevity of the service providers in the salon companies. All of our service providers are very talented and promise to deliver an outstanding guest experience each time you come in. Being a price level salon means we can meet all beauty budgets of the community.

Experience the difference
A Cost Before Create Sheet will be given to before starting any service. We cannot guarantee any prices without a free consultation.