Skin Services

Our knowledgeable estheticians specialize in maintaining a glowing and healthy complexion, no matter your age or skin type. Everyone benefits from regular facial treatments, and we take pride in providing skincare services that heal and smooth but also provide relaxation. In addition to personalizing our facial treatments to each guest, we can also design an at-home skincare regime that will allow you to continue to put your best face forward.

To maintain our estheticians’ growth and longevity at this spa, we use a level system for our pricing. These levels are based on the demand of the esthetician.


ServicesLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
Ultimate Custom Blend Facial$114.00$117.00$120.00$123.00
Bioelements Custom Blend Facial$75.00$78.00$81.00$84.00
Anti-Aging Facial - Firm and Lift$95.00$98.00$101.00$104.00
Bioelements Facial for Men$75.00$78.00$81.00$84.00
Rapid Resurface Peel$59.00$62.00$65.00$68.00
Acne Clearing Facial$95.00$98.00$101.00$104.00
Fast Results Facial$49.00$52.00$55.00$58.00
Chinese Herbology Body Scrub$68.00$71.00$74.00$77.00
Back Treatment - Clarifying$75.00$78.00$81.00$84.00

Level System
We have a price level system in our salon. The service price is based on the demand that our service providers have earned on their time. Each service provider has attended Elements of Style Associate Program, which is similar to getting a master’s degree in our profession. The level price menu is to create a longevity of the service providers in the salon companies. All of our service providers are very talented and promise to deliver an outstanding guest experience each time you come in. Being a price level salon means we can meet all beauty budgets of the community.

Experience the difference
A Cost Before Create Sheet will be given to before starting any service. We cannot guarantee any prices without a free consultation.