Food & Drink

Food and drink services for in salon services only

* Drinks- soda, tea, and coffee are complimentary.
* Napkins, forks, and plates will be provided.

Wrap Deli Tray: $48.00 (Serves 10-12 people)

Finger Sandwich Platter: $48.00 (Serves 10-15 people)

Bag of Chips: $12.00 Single serving size for each guest

Fruit Tray: $35.00 (Serves 10-16 people)

Veggie Tray: $30.00 (Serves 10-12 people)

Breakfast Tray: $30.00
A freshly prepared assortment of fruit-filled strudel bites, scones, and mini muffins, along with slices of pound cake and nut bread. (Serves 15-25 people)

Bagel Tray: $30.00
An assortment of 20 fresh, pre-sliced bagels served with cream cheese. (Serves 20 people)

Cookie Tray: $30.00
A delicious selection of fancy cookies including butter spritz, Italian butter, and rainbow sprinkles. (Serves 20 people)

All food is to be paid in advance when placing your order. We need 7 days notice for food orders (no refund on food orders)

Please read bridal contract to find contracts and forms. Bring this contract with you to the salon and spa when you are ready to set up your consultations appointments.